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Sri Kanyaka Parameshwari Kathe 12:00:00 AM Movie starring Rajkumar, B. M. Venkatesh, Nagendra Rao, H R Shastry, Narasimharaju and directed by Hunsur Krishnamurthy.
Visha Kanye 03:00:00 AM Raghu investigates a series of murders by Vishakanya, a female serial killer. However, his inspection leads him to uncover shocking truths.
Super Songs 06:00:00 AM A compilation of various melodious tunes and songs written by talented lyricists and performed by versatile artists, played back to back.
Nimma Adbutha Samaya 06:30:00 AM A well-known astrologer makes predictions for all the sun signs based on planetary motions.
Athiratha Maharatha 07:00:00 AM A gangster helps an aspiring politician build a successful political career. However, when the latter becomes successful, he betrays the gangster, compelling him to seek revenge.
The Amazing Spider-Man 10:00:00 AM On a quest to learn more about his parents, high school student Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and develops spider-like abilities. He must thwart Dr Curt Connors's alter-ego, the Lizard, while trying to carve his identity as the superhero Spider-Man.
Tutha Mutha 01:00:00 PM A young man gets married at the behest of his mother. However, when his mother and new bride do not get along, he tries to diffuse the situation but gets in trouble.
Kubera 04:00:00 PM A few business tycoons regularly consult Kubera to find solutions to their several critical problems. However, an unexpected turn of events puts him in dire straits.
Jyeshta 07:00:00 PM When five brothers decide to return to their native village, they find themselves in a hostile environment where their relatives are yearning for revenge.
Ree Swalpa Bartheera 10:00:00 PM Due to unforeseen circumstances, a wife starts doubting her husband's fidelity. However, he decides to prove his innocence to her.

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