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Program Start Time Description
Who Am I 11:14:00 PM
A Time To Kill 01:07:00 AM Two white men, Billy Ray Cobb and James Louis Willard, brutally rape Tonya Hailey, a young girl. In order to seek justice, Tonya's father contacts Jake Brigance, a lawyer. The lawyer admits that there is a possibility that the rapists will not be charged for the crime. Thereafter, the father goes to the county courthouse and kills the rapists.
Mune 03:35:00 AM
Kids Auto Races 05:00:00 AM A vagabond comes across a cart race for babies in Venice, California, and goes on to create chaos and confusion on and off the track.
Ip Man: The Final Fight 05:08:00 AM Ip Man, who suffers from gastric pain, faces numerous challenges after he travels to Hong Kong and starts teaching Wing Chun.
The Wrath Of Vajra 06:48:00 AM As a child, K-29 was trained to be a deadly fighter by Hades, a Japanese cult. Later becoming a follower of the Shaolin Temple, K-29 is set to face imperialist Japan's latest plot through Hades.
Two Champions Of Shaolin 08:47:00 AM Tung, a Shaolin fighter, is badly injured by members of the Wu Tang who specialise in throwing knives. To learn the skill of fighting his enemies, he gets trained by experts. In Tung's next combat, he is able to master all the necessary skills and defends himself against the Wu Tang gang. However, Tung's worst nightmare comes to life, when his fiancee is killed by the Wu Tang clan. Tung loses all hope, but top fighters from the Shaolin arrive and help him fight the Wu Tang clan.
Black and Blue 10:38:00 AM Witnessing her colleagues killing a drug dealer lands police officer Alicia West into trouble. Falsely accused of the crime, she now has to fight both the corrupt police and evil gangsters.
Kung Fu Killer 12:26:00 PM Crane is a monk and martial arts expert whose peaceful world is shattered when Kahn Xin and his mercenaries raid his temple and slay his mentor. In order to avenge his murder, Crane infiltrates the Shanghai underworld where he meets Jane Marshall, a lounge singer from Brooklyn. Jane is searching for her missing brother, who is held captive by Kahn. Realizing that Kahn's evil plans are rather intricate and widespread, Crane teams up with Jane to gain access to Kahn's inner circle. As they continue on their mission to destroy and kill Kahn, Crane's battle becomes a moral one, as he finds himself torn between his peaceful Wudang upbringing and the cold-blooded life of an assassin.
Child's Play 02:16:00 PM
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 03:42:00 PM While cleaning an abandoned house, youngsters Sonny and Sam accidentally bring a ventriloquist dummy, Slappy, back to life. They realise that Slappy is an evil force after it brings to life the Halloween decorations of the entire town. They also realise that a manuscript is the only way to stop Slappy from causing havoc.
Little Monsters 05:12:00 PM Dave, a washed-up musician recovering from a bad break-up, is attracted to his nephew's teacher, Miss Caroline. However, his plans to woo her are interrupted by a sudden invasion of zombies.
The Possession Of Hannah Grace 06:49:00 PM A demon seeks refuge in a young girl's body when she dies due to an unruly exorcism. Later, her corpse is moved to a morgue guarded by a former officer who experiences unnatural events.
The Love Laugh Live Show 08:01:00 PM A prominent Indian news anchor interviews famous celebrities and brings out their fun side by talking about their life and love stories.
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning 09:00:00 PM John sets out to take revenge on Luc Deveraux, the man who killed his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Andrew, a soldier, and Deveraux prepare to set up a new order ruled by Universal Soldiers.
XXX: State Of The Union 10:43:00 PM Augustus who works for the NSA learns about the plan of a terrorist cell to assassinate the President of the US. He approaches Darius, a former navy officer serving his sentence in a correctional facility for disobeying orders, to impede the assassination plan.

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