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Program Start Time Description
Eenadu Saragalu 12:00:00 AM An entertaining compilation of melodious songs recorded by talented artists, musicians and singers for popular Telugu movies.
Jeevana Jyothi 05:00:00 AM Ayurvedic experts offer advice on gaining holistic health benefits through yoga and suggest treatments for various ailments.
Bhakthi Geetalu 05:30:00 AM A compilation of melodious songs in praise of the Almighty played back to back.
Aaradhana 05:45:00 AM A devotional program that features devotees worshipping various Gods.
Annadata 06:30:00 AM The host sheds light on new agricultural technologies and smart practices designed to educate and empower farmers to minimize the cost of farming, increase productivity and encounter challenges.
ETV News 07:00:00 AM The host presents numerous top stories, latest happenings and significant updates from the national and international front.
Tollywood Time 07:30:00 AM The host presents the latest updates and developments pertaining to the Telugu film industry and also reviews recent movies.
Subhamastu 08:00:00 AM An expert astrologer offers astrological advice based on the zodiac signs and explains the planetary movements and their impact.
Dasara Bullollu 09:00:00 AM
Telugu Ruchi 12:00:00 PM Professional cooks share step-by-step preparations of easy-to-prepare recipes of delectable dishes across a wide range of cuisines.
Sadguru Sai 12:30:00 PM
Run 01:00:00 PM The lives of a wealthy woman and a middle-class man, who works in a company, intersect when her father and his fiancee go missing on the same day.
Gowramma 01:30:00 PM Gowramma, a simple village girl raised by her grandparents, is married off to Karthik Krishna who is in love with Sirisha. When Gowramma learns about it, she decides to step out of his life.
Abhishekam 02:00:00 PM Vinay, a man devoted to his family, agrees to tie the knot with Rekha, a woman with a terminal illness. However, she somehow makes a full recovery and re-enters his life.
Attarintiki Daredi 02:30:00 PM In order to help her uncle in his financial crisis, Krishnaveni agrees to marry a rich man, much against her uncle's wishes. She then finds herself torn between the two families.
Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu 03:00:00 PM The differences between two childhood friends, Lakshmi and Roji, grow after they become business rivals. Their children fall in love with each other and decide to end their differences.
Srimanthudu 03:30:00 PM A show that is dramatic in nature.
Subhalagnam 04:00:00 PM A diffident heir to a flourishing business is easily manipulated by his greedy uncle's family. However, his personality undergoes a massive change after he meets a sharp girl.
ETV News Special Bulletin 04:30:00 PM The host presents the latest and the most relevant political and socio-economic news updates and developments from different parts of the world.
Padutateeyaga Aanati Apurupalu 04:40:00 PM An entertainment-based programme.
Alitho Saradaga 05:20:00 PM Ali Basha, a comedian from the Telugu entertainment industry, engages in a fun-filled conversation with renowned personalities.
Sadguru Sai 06:00:00 PM A religious leader delivers a discourse based on the teachings and values of Shirdi Sai Baba and sings songs in praise of him.
Sathamanam Bavati 06:30:00 PM Ranga Rao and his sister's family stay together under the same roof. While everyone in the family is well-educated, Ranga Rao's daughter, Bhanumati, fails to keep up with the legacy.
Ravoyi Chandamama 07:00:00 PM A woman who is betrothed against her will elopes with her lover even as they face extreme danger and the disapproval of everyone they know.
Manasu Mamatha 07:30:00 PM Two friends and their respective families go through various financial issues, which tests their friendship and loyalty.
Yamaleela - Aa Taruvatha 08:00:00 PM Following a deadly accident, a child is separated from her biological family and is raised by a poor woman. However, her grandmother goes through several hurdles to get to her.
Naa Peru Meenakshi 08:30:00 PM Meenakshi, an innocent and beautiful girl belonging to a middle-class family, finds her life changing when she falls in love with Radha Krishna Vanamali, a rich and intelligent businessman.
ETV News 09:00:00 PM The host presents numerous top stories, latest happenings and significant updates from the national and international front.
Cash 09:30:00 PM The host invites celebrity contestants who compete with each other and answer a series of questions to win a cash prize.
Cash To Entho Fun 10:30:00 PM An entertainment-based programme.
Attarintiki Daredi 11:00:00 PM Krishnaveni loses her mother when her father, Krishna Babu, fails in providing sufficient funds for her treatment. He then sets off to Dubai to work, in order to provide a better future to Krishnaveni and leaves her at her uncle's place. Her uncle takes care of her just like his own daughter, Aliveni. But Krishnaveni's aunt is not very fond of her and wants her to leave the house under any cost. After 16 long years, Krishna Babu returns to India but unfortunately dies in a plane crash which leaves Krishnaveni terribly depressed.
Srimanthudu 11:30:00 PM

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